Reporting a loss event

Reporting a loss event is possible by submitting a completed form:

  • At every sales point
  • By sending a scan of the form with relevant documents to the following address:
  • By sending it by registered mail to the address of Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., to the department of loss event liquidation.

One Report of Loss Event Form (“OŠU”) is to be filled in for each loss event. All gaps in the form must be filled in.
We suggest that special attention be paid to the payment method (by postal money order or bank transfer), which is selected in the form. The insurance benefit is only paid out in CZK.

Necessary documents

Based on Article 4(4) and Article 11(10) of the insurance terms and conditions:

  • The original copy of a receipt of payment (doctor’s bill or receipt from a pharmacy based on a doctor’s prescription) with the item/s and the amount paid
  • A prescription (possibly a copy) issued in the name of the insured person with a date of issue, number and description must always be presented with the receipt of payment for medication and medical devices and aids (crutches, glasses, immobilizers, braces)
  • Medical report, examination results etc.
  • Original copy of a receipt of payment for medical treatment, or an invoice in case it had been issued
  • With the concluded insurance of the type “Repeated stay” (travel insurance) a written evidence proving the residence of the insured in the territory of the Czech Republic less than 90 days before the insured event occurred abroad, such as an air-ticket or another ticket, which states that the journey originated in the Czech Republic, a stamp in the insured person’s passport etc. issued in the name of the insured

Inquiry into the loss event

  • An inquiry will be made into the loss event based on the presented documentation. We therefore recommend that you present together with the form all the documentation that you receive during the insured event.

  • A 90-day statute of limitation for the loss event liquidation begins, with the date given on the OŠU as the date the documentation was accepted. The claim on an insurance benefit payment lapses 4 years after the occurrence of the loss event at the latest.

Reporting a loss event under Property Insurance for Small and Medium Enterprises

It is possible to report a loss event under property and liability insurance by submitting a completed form:

  • At every sales point
  • By registered post to the loss event liquidation department at the address of Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., Ke Štvanici 656/3, 186 00 Prague 8
  • By sending the scanned form to

Report of Loss Event Form to download