Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plus online

Insured person
  Date of birth of the insured person      

Insurance period
  Insurance commencement   
Number of months   
Insurance policy expiration       

  The insurance contract offer is valid for the period of 1 month since its creation. The insurance contract is concluded by the insurance premium being credited to the bank account of the insurance company.

In case the insurance premium is not credited to the bank account of the insurance company before the validity of the insurance contract offer expires, the offer is automatically annulled and no contractual relations arise.

Insurance premium rate

  Insurance premium        (USD / EUR)

Additional insurance

  Information on taking out the New-born type of insurance (i.e. insurance that also covers the new-born baby of an insured mother) can be received at sales outlets of PVZP, a.s., and VZP ČR, or other sales partners of PVZP