Foreigners' Basic Medical Insurance online

Insured person
  Date of birth of the insured person     

Insurance period
  Insurance commencement  
Insurance policy expiration  
   Number of insured days:   0
For insurance policy shorter than 30 days the expiration can be selected by individual days.
For insurance policy longer than 30 days the period of insurance is automatically selected in number of months with the expiration of the insurance at the nearest end of the following month.

The insurance contract offer is valid for the period of 1 month since its creation. The insurance contract is concluded by the insurance premium being credited to the bank account of the insurance company.

In case the insurance premium is not credited to the bank account of the insurance company before the validity of the insurance contract offer expires, the offer is automatically annulled and no contractual relations arise.

Insurance premium rate

  Insurance premium       (USD / EUR)

Type of stay

Additional insurance for sports

Indemnity limit
Increasing the indemnity limit is not possible for "Sports competitions" or "Dangerous sports" supplementary insurance 
Territorial validity
The option of territorial validity "Czech Republic and transit countries" is only possible with insurance shorter than 30 days