Online medical counseling

Online medical counseling


The counseling center provides services only in Czech and English.


for all clients of PVZP that have arranged foreigners´ medical insurance

PVZP protects what is dearest. And that is primarily our health. Within the framework of cooperation with the online service, the insurance company has negotiated the benefits of free advice with more than 350 doctors in case foreigners´ medical insurance is arranged.


How to consult a doctor?

Enter your insurance policy number in the appropriate field at the top of this page. It is simple. General practitioners and paediatricians will answer your questions within 12 hours. In case a general practitioner recommends consulting your case to a specialist (e.g. an orthopaedist, a neurologist etc.), you will obtain a response from a selected specialist within 48 hours.


What can I contact a doctor with?

You can consult both physical and mental health for free. The extent of provided details about your health state depends on you. The service does not replace the rescue service. In case of acute problems, call 155. In case you have chronic conditions requiring constant monitoring, we recommend constacting your doctor.