Travel Insurance

All you risk with us are having great experiences

Travel insurance covers you against extraordinary expenses in the event that something does not go as planned when travelling.
  • Arrange travel insurance from online from the comfort of your home, it costs just a few crowns a day
  • Select from our packages according to the type of holiday and you will not forget anything
  • Always arrange travel insurance even for travel around Europe. Do not rely merely on the European Medical Insurance Card (EHIC). The care provided need not always be sufficient and completely free. In most states, a deductible will, as a minimum, need to be paid for medical treatment
  • PVZP travel insurance can be arranged to cover the whole world for all types of trips and activities. PVZP is an expert in travel insurance covering Croatia and the Alps
  • PVZP travel insurance automatically includes insurance of most recreational sports, including skiing on marked trails

New travel insurance packages

Pack precisely the type of insurance that you need. You can select from three basic options (MINI, OPTIMAL, ELITE).

Medical expenses insurance X X X
Liability insurance X X X
Personal effects insurance   X X
Accident Insurance   X X
Hospitalisation Insurance     X

Select the thematic package according to the type of holiday:

  • AUTO
  • GOLF

If there is something missing in a package, don’t worry. We can arrange supplementary insurance matching your needs.
You can arrange the following supplementary insurance:

  • hazardous, extreme or professional sports, sports competitions
  • insurance of the intervention of the Mountain Rescue Service
  • veterinary care insurance for pets (cats and dogs)
  • insurance of delayed or missed transport means
  • cancellation fee insurance (can only be arranged at branches of PVZP, a. s. and VZP CR)
  • and many other types of supplementary insurance

Example of insurance

Travel insurance only costs a few crowns a day, but can save you hundreds of thousands. Below is an example of the premium in CZK per person per day for Europe.

Age of the insured person MINI OPTIMAL ELITE
0–17 years old CZK 16 CZK 21 CZK 23
18–69 years old CZK 23 CZK 33 CZK 37
70–79 years old CZK 46 CZK 63 CZK 78

If a tourist on holiday in Italy breaks his/her leg, the medical bill could be as high as CZK 300,000.

Transport by helicopter to healthcare facility CZK 40,000–80,000
Hospitalisation CZK 30,000–100,000
Repatriation to the Czech Republic CZK 60,000–110,000
Total amount CZK 130,000–290,000

How is the insurance arranged?

You can arrange this travel insurance at Pojišťovna VZP, a. s., a VZP ČR. sales points

Do you want a discount?

Visit a VZP CR or PVZP branch to claim your discount.
  • 10 % discount for all people insured by VZP CR
  • 30 % discount for members of the Good Health Club