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Travel Insurance Bezstarostná jízda

Additional insurance package to travel insurance from PVZP

Do you go on vacation abroad or in the Czech Republic in a car? Or do you just take trips by car? Then ‘Bezstarostná jízda’ is the right insurance for you.

Every year, thousands of Czech drivers end up helpless on the road with a broken down car. ‘Bezstarostná jízda’ will protect you from extra expenses if something goes wrong on the road.


Free assistance services
We will provide alternative accommodation
Only for 32 CZK per day, 15 CZK per day for a Czech tourist
Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Bezstarostná jízda

Advantages of supplementary insurance 'Bezstarostná jízda'

  • It includes comprehensive assistance services for vehicles in Europe, so you don’t have to think about the limited assistance services of your own compulsory motor insurance or other insurance.
  • These services are provided in the Czech Republic and in neighbouring countries within 50 km of the state border as part of the supplementary insurance product ‘Český turista’ (Czech Tourist).
  • The new package ensures free transport of the crew and the car itself back home if the car breaks down on the road.
  • In the event of a serious breakdown or accident, clients don’t have to worry about how they will get to their destination or home, and how to transport the immobile vehicle.
  • The assistance service doesn’t just transport the vehicle across the border, it takes it to the client’s place of residence, or a service centre near the client’s residence.
  • The assistance service doesn’t leave the crew on the road in an unpleasant situation, it also provides alternative accommodation.
  • All this for a ‘symbolic’ amount of CZK 32 per day, and just CZK 15 per day with the ‘Český turista’ package.

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Bezstarostná jízda

Scope of insurance

Basic assistance services

Call centre available nonstop for free
Road service assistance at the site of an assistance intervention max. 60 minutes
Towing to a service centre, including loading with a hydraulic jack max. 150 km
Replacement of damaged tires on the road for free
Fuel delivery (the fuel is paid for by the policyholder) for free
Recovery of a vehicle after an accident provision (costs covered by the policyholder)
Storage of an immobile vehicle max. 5 days

Additional assistance services

Message to a loved one for free
Repatriation of the vehicle if it cannot be repaired by the end of the insured trip for free
Individual services based on the policyholder's request provision (costs covered by the policyholder)
Provision of alternative accommodation max. 1 night/CZK 3,000 (EUR 120)/person
Rental of a replacement vehicle max. 2 days
Transport to the destination or home bus/train ticket (1st class)

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Bezstarostná jízda

How to take out the insurance policy

You can take out travel insurance online.

You can take out the ‘Bezstarotná jízda’ insurance policy at branches of Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., and VZP ČR.

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Bezstarostná jízda

What should I do if my vehicle is not running?

Always call the assistance service – tel. no.: +420 226 294 294.

Our operators are available 24/7.

In order for the operator to provide the fastest possible assistance, please prepare:

  • your policy number,
  • the registration number of your vehicle,
  • contact telephone number,
  • the exact location of your location.

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