Entrepreneur Insurance
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Entrepreneur Property and Liability Insurance

Insurance of small and large enterprises

Every enterprise brings with it its own risks, which can be reduced by employing a pro-active approach, but not eliminated completely. Insurance is the most appropriate instrument for the event of random events. PVZP has prepared a solution for entrepreneurs, municipalities, cities, apartment co-operatives and unit owner associations in the form of its Entrepreneur product, which offers comprehensive property as well as liability insurance.


”Tailored insurance“ – select all parameters to meet your needs
Arranged quickly, simple as can be
Technical emergency service from AXA Assistance
Entrepreneur Insurance Entrepreneur Property and Liability Insurance

Comprehensive protection from business risks

  • Universal insurance for entrepreneurs, municipalities, cities, owners of apartment buildings or contributory and budgetary organisations having a property value of up to CZK 500 million
  • Includes all property and liability insurance
  • ”Tailored insurance“ – select all parameters to meet your needs
  • Maximum insurance variability and flexibility in the one policy
  • Technical emergency service from AXA Assistance, a renowned assistance service, for free
Entrepreneur Insurance Entrepreneur Property and Liability Insurance

What do we insure?

  • Insurance against damage to immovable as well as movable property
  • Insurance against theft and vandalism
  • All risk glass insurance
  • All risk insurance of electronic devices
  • All risk insurance of machines
  • Insurance of freight during road transport
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Insurance of general damage liability
  • Insurance of liability for damage caused by a product defect
  • Professional liability insurance

Community insurance for unit owners

Owning real estate means not only joy, but also regular care of your property or the property entrusted to me. Part of care is also prevention – worrying about what could happen. And for such cases, there is insurance for SVJ, which will provide you with financial assistance in the event of unexpected events concerning your property in an apartment building. As the president of the community of apartment unit owners, I insist that everyone actively cares for their property. In my view, this is not only about routine maintenance and good neighborly relations, but also about household and real estate insurance. And because I lead by example, our entire community is also insured.

Daniela, 67 years old

Entrepreneur Insurance Entrepreneur Property and Liability Insurance

How is the insurance arranged?

Property and liability insurance can be arranged at the contact points of Pojišťovna VZP, a. s. stated below and at selected brokerage companies.

E-mail: podnikatel@pvzp.cz

Infoline: +420 233 006 311

(Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

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