Did you know that Všeobecná zdravotní pojišt’ovna together with PVZP will provide you with comprehensive insurance for your health?

PVZP is a subsidiary of the Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP), the largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic. VZP has been providing its clients with access to quality healthcare for more than 25 years and currently has almost 6 million clients. In addition, since 2004, it has been providing interesting contractual insurance products through its subsidiary PVZP (e.g. travel insurance, accident insurance, comprehensive health insurance for foreigners and others).

Thanks to its wide network of contracted medical facilities, VZP provides its clients with comprehensive and high-quality
health care and in addition counselling in its wide network of branches. Its insured persons can obtain interesting discounts and benefits.

Why choose VZP and PVZP?

  • VZP has the largest number of contracted medical facilities.
  • The high quality network of VZP branches and the call centre at 952 222 222 will allow us to efficiently deal with all client requests and queries.
  • The My VZP application offers each client up-to-date information on the
    insurance payments and the health care provided, including its price.
  • Every year VZP provides financial contributions for prevention, from which everyone can choose.
  • In addition, VZP clients, members of the Solid Health Club, receive a number of discounts at the club’s contractual partners.
  • PVZP offers comprehensive health insurance for foreigners, accident insurance and many other interesting products.

Visit the website www.vzp.cz and www.klubpevnehozdravi.cz.

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