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Community insurance for unit owners

Community insurance for unit owners

Property and liability insurance Entrepreneur

Every business brings with it its own risks, which can be eliminated with an active approach, but not completely eliminated. Insurance is the most suitable tool in case of accidental events. PVZP has prepared a solution for entrepreneurs, municipalities, cities, housing cooperatives and communities of unit owners in the form of the Entrepreneur product, which offers comprehensive property and liability insurance.

Passionate cyclists

My wife and friends are passionate cyclists. Over the years we have bought both quality bikes and quality equipment. We are from the Karlovy Vary region, we have everything a stone’s throw away from our German neighbors, and we often take advantage of that, as there are no borders for cycle routes. Once, approximately 30 kilometers from the border with the Czech Republic, I had a puncture on my bike, and unfortunately it turned out that the defect was irreparable. Thanks to the agreed bicycle assistance, however, the precarious situation turned into a relatively pleasant trip to the service center in the Czech Republic, where the chain was repaired. And so we were able to go cycling again the next day.