Household Insurance

Insurance protection for your home

  • There are over 5,000 fires in the Czech Republic resulting in a total loss of almost CZK 500 million annually and more than 4,000 thefts from apartments and family houses. We offer comprehensive insurance against the risks that may affect your house, apartment, garden, garage or cottage

Arranged quickly,
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Payment by card or bank transfer,
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What does household contents insurance contain?

  • Comprehensive protection of the contents of your home (movable items in family houses, challets and cottages, apartments under personal ownership or rented by the insured person, items in non-residential premises such as in a garage or a cellar)
  • Option of arranging insurance for permanently occupied households as well as those used for recreational purposes
  • A wide range of insurance perils (from fire, theft by break-in, flood or inundation, to windstorm and hail, right through to overvoltage or atmospheric precipitation insurance against so-called ”leaking“)
  • Select from two insurance options – Standard or Maxi
  • Option of selecting insured amounts, limits and the deductibles
  • Insurance benefit paid predominantly in “as new” prices (i.e. the price for which the same thing can be purchased as new at the given place and time)
  • Insurance of civil liability for damage caused to third parties, with an insurance benefit limit of up to CZK 15 million
  • Maximum insurance variability and flexibility, including the option of arranging for common civil liability and an employee’s liability for damage caused to his/her employer to be covered under one policy with property insurance
  • Technical emergency service up to three times a year (in a total value of up to CZK 8,000) from AXA Assistance, a renowned assistance service, for free (blocked doors, state of emergency)

What does the insurance cover?

You can select from two insurance options, depending on the perils you wish to insure against.

Household insurance (contents) STANDARD MAXI
Theft by break-in X X
Robbery X X
Glass breakage X X
Fire X X
Lightening strike X X
Explosion X X
Impact or crash of an aircraft, its parts or cargo X X
Impact by a transport means or its cargo X X
Flood or inundation X X
Windstorm or hail X X
Liquid leaking from water piping equipment X X
Landslides, collapses of rocks or earth X X
Snow slides or avalanches X X
Weight of snow or ice X X
Earthquake X X
Falling trees, poles or other objects X X
Sonic boom   X
Overvoltage   X
Vandalism   X
Atmospheric precipitation   X
Cooling equipment failure   X

Arranging this insurance is very simple. You set the insured amount and select the insurance benefit limits and the amount of the deductible.

In addition to the standard contents of a permanently occupied household, the insurance also covers valuable items, items of special cultural value, items in non-residential premises, items located outside of the place of insurance as well as work-related items. The insurance benefit limits for these items can be increased individually. In the case of electronics and audiovisual equipment, we pay up to 100 % of the insured amount for a permanently occupied household.

How is the insurance arranged?

Property and civil liability can be arranged at the sales points of VZP ČR and Pojišťovna VZP, a. s., and at selected brokers.

Do you want a discount?

Visit a VZP CR or PVZP branch to claim your discount.
  • 10 % discount for all people insured by VZP CR
  • 25 % discount for the 25tdh anniversary of VZP CR

Premiums can be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. If you pay on an annual basis, you will receive one month’s insurance free.