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Will liability insurance cover damage I cause to my employer?

Not applicable, the injury to the employer is in the exclusions.

Can I also insure my cottage/garage/garden?

Yes, we are able to insure not only family houses and flats in private ownership, buildings under construction, permanently and recreationally inhabited cottages, including building materials intended for construction or reconstruction of the building, etc. We also insure garages, fences, swimming pools, sheds, barns, swimming pools, gardens, etc.

Will liability insurance cover damage caused by my dog?

Yes, the insurance covers the liability of the insured for damage or non-pecuniary loss caused by activities common in civil life, i.e. also as an owner or caretaker of domestic and small farm animals commonly kept in households in the Czech Republic.

I have taken out liability insurance, does this cover my family?

Yes, persons in a family relationship are covered to the same extent as the insured if they live permanently in the same household as the insured.

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