Phoenix Serious Illness Insurance

Insurance against the adverse financial impacts connected with a serious illness

  • In the Czech Republic, over 27,000 people die from cancer every year, which means that every day more than 70 people succumb to this malicious illness every day

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Serious illness insurance

Cancer is a very serious illness that, in most cases, prevents the affected person and often his/her family members (as a result of necessary care and psychological shock) from working at the usual tempo, which results in a significant loss of funds in the family budget. Treatment is very time consuming and expensive. As a result of this loss of income, many patients are unable to meet their financial obligations (loans, rent, school fees, …). This leads not only to deterioration in their state of health, but also in a worsening of the social position of the patient and his/her loved ones. Some types of treatment are not covered by public medical insurance, but can be paid individually, which is, however, extremely costly.

Thanks to Phoenix insurance, the negative impacts on the economic situation of the insured person and his or her family caused by a serious illness are significantly or entirely eliminated.


  • Separate insurance without the need to arrange life insurance
  • Possibility of insuring all malignant tumors (with the possibility of including selected benign and non-invasive tumors)
  • Without the need to undergo an entrance medical examination
  • Without proof of income
  • For citizens of the Czech Republic as well as foreigners
  • Entry age from 18 to 70 years of age
  • The insured amount is from CZK 200,000 up to CZK 5 million.
  • Three types of insurance as selected by the client – Basic, Classic and Premium
  • Possibility of establishing a diagnosis of a serious illness even in a healthcare facility in Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria
  • Payment of 40 % of the insured amount immediarely after the diagnosis is established
  • The insurance policy is concluded for a definite period of five years, with the option of selecting insurance periods of 3, 6 or 12 months

What does the insurance cover?

In case of oncological illness, the client will be paid an insurance benefit according to the following scheme:

Phase of the illness Insurance benefit (as a % of the insured amount)
Diagnosis of oncological illness 40%
Chemotherapy 5 % for every cycle (up to a maximum of 5 cycles)
Radiotherapy 5 % for every cycle (up to a maximum of 5 cycles)
Operation 20 % (only one operation)
Benefit during convalescence 5 % monthly for a period of three months
Recurrence 10%
Palliative treatment 100 % minus the amount already paid

More information is contained in the insurance terms and conditions.
Phoenix insurance is an investment into your entire family’s better future!
It is entirely up to you to decide whether to use the insurance benefit you receive to repay a loan, to pay living expenses and the like, or for any other purposes that you consider appropriate!

Example of insurance

An illustrative example of an insurance policy and payment of the insurance benefit:

Age of the insured person 44 years old
Insured amount CZK 1,000,000
Insurance option Classic
Annual premium CZK 5,690
Premium for a period of 5 years CZK 28,450
Diagnosis CZK 400,000
Operation CZK 200,000
Three cycles of chemotherapye CZK 150,000 (CZK 50,000 per cycle)
Convalescence CZK 150,000 (3 months)
Recurrence CZK 100,000
Total paid out CZK 1,000,000

How is the insurance arranged?

You can arrange Phoenix insurance at Pojišťovna VZP, a. s., and VZP ČR sales points.

Do you want a discount?

Visit a VZP CR or PVZP branch to claim your discount.

  • 25 % discount for the 25th anniversary of VZP CR