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Real Estate Insurance

Insurance protection of your real estate



Electronic communication
Free assistance services
Real estate, household and liability insurance in one contract
Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance

What do we insure?

  • Family houses, flats, cottages and cabins (finished buildings and buildings under construction)
  • Ancillary buildings (garages, sheds, fences, swimming pools)
  • Other detached structures (e.g. garages, outbuildings, graves and tombs)
  • Garden damage
  • Broken glass and sanitary equipment due to whatever cause
  • Water loss, overvoltage and short circuit, damage to insulated facades, atmospheric precipitation, fences damaged by animals
  • Buildings up to 70% wear with reimbursement of new value
  • We also insure broken machines and electronic devices due to whatever cause = all risk insurance (including cyber risks)

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance

What does the insurance cover?

You can select from two insurance options, depending on the perils you wish to insure against.

Real estate insurance in the MAXI variant = insurance without unnecessary limits.

Building insurance (real estate) STANDARD MAXI
Lightening strike
Impact or crash of an aircraft, its parts or cargo
Flood or inundation
Windstorm or hail
Liquid leaking from water piping equipment
Landslides, collapses of rocks or earth
Snow slides or avalanches
Weight of snow or ice
Falling trees, poles or other object
Impact by a transport means or its cargo
Breakage of glass and sanitary equipment due to other causes limit
Aerodynamic Starburst
Overvoltage, short circuit and undervoltage limit
Theft by break-in limit
Vandalism limit
Destruction of an insulated façade by rodents, birds or insects limit
Loss of water limit
Atmospheric precipitation limit
Rozbití strojních a elektronických zařízení z jiné příčiny limit
Poškození plotu zvěří limit
Poškození zahrady limit

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance


Electronic communication

  • We can arrange everything via email communication

Free assistance services

  • Technical assistance for property and buildings up to 3 times a year in a total value of up to CZK 8,000 (e.g. locksmith, plumber, etc.)

One insurance contract

  • In one contract you can insure all your properties, households and the liability of all household members

PLUS the option to choose

  • Co-insurance
  • Insurance variants
  • Increased limits of insurance claims

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance

Do you want a discount?

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance

Assistance services

FREE technical assistance for property insurance

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – tel. +420 272 101 010 (Czech language)
  • One assistance for each place of insurance
  • The Standard option is taken out if all property insurance (buildings and other structures insurance, permanently occupied home insurance and holiday home insurance) are taken out under the Standard option.
  • The Maxi option is taken out if at least one of the property insurances (buildings and other buildings insurance, permanent home insurance and holiday home insurance) is taken out in the Maxi option.

Number of times the assistance is used: 3 times a year

An insurance event Insurance benefit limits - STANDARD Insurance benefit limits - MAXI
Emergency - Arrival of a craftsman on site fully covered fully covered
Emergency - Handyman jobs (electrician, plumber, gas fitter, glazier, heating engineer) 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Blocking the door - arrival of the craftsman on site fully covered fully covered
Door locking - unlocking or importing spare keys 2000 CZK 4000 CZK
Short-term alternative accommodation in a hotel-type facility 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Transportation of household members to and from alternative accommodation 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Protecting insecure households X 4000 CZK
Transportation of furniture to the place of storage and transport back X 4000 CZK
Storage of furniture X 4000 CZK

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance

How to take out real estate insurance

Home insurance can be taken out at Pojišťovna VZP, a. s. points and selected intermediaries, or via email at

Snow cover

For various reasons, our house was “just” a building for a long time. Although under construction, but at the same time in a relatively advanced stage of implementation. When we realized that the building had to wait another winter in this condition, we decided not to save and to insure the property. If, for example, the building was damaged by a heavy snow cover, we would have no time for repairs in the spring.

Martin, 38 years old

Citizens’ Insurance Real Estate Insurance


Can I also insure my cottage/garage/garden?

Yes, we are able to insure not only family houses and flats in private ownership, buildings under construction, permanently and recreationally inhabited cottages, including building materials intended for construction or reconstruction of the building, etc. We also insure garages, fences, swimming pools, sheds, barns, swimming pools, gardens, etc.
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