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Household Insurance

Insurance protection for your home

There are over 5,000 fires in the Czech Republic resulting in a total loss of almost CZK 500 million annually and more than 4,000 thefts from apartments and family houses. We offer comprehensive insurance against the risks that may affect your house, apartment, garden, garage or cottage.


Electronic communication
3 variants of insurance
Free assistance services
Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

What do we insure?

  • All household equipment, including personal items
  • Valuable paintings and jewellery
  • Bicycles, electric bicycles and scooters in the household
  • Items and equipment used for the performance of gainful activity (employee, self-employed)
  • Items in secondary spaces (cellar, garage, storage room, etc.)
  • Items on the property (garden furniture, grills)
  • Burglary with minimal home security requirements
  • Compensation for destroyed and damaged items at current prices – without amortization (in the MAXI variant)
  • Water loss, overvoltage and short circuit, atmospheric precipitation, failure of cooling equipment
  • We also insure holiday homes against all major insurance risks
  • We also insure:
    • items outside the place of insurance (e.g. bicycles in the car, on campus, in a garage at another address, in boarding houses and hotels throughout the EU)
    • in locked lockers on sports grounds, things in designated places without the need for security – baby carriages, wheelchairs, clothing, skis in racks)

Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

Variants of insurance for permanently occupied households

In the MAXI variant, in the event of an insurance claim, we cover everything at current prices, i.e. prices at which the same items can be purchased new at a given time and place, regardless of the wear and tear and age of the insured items.

Household insurance in the MAXI variant = insurance without unnecessary limits.

Item Mini Standard MAXI
Lightning strike
Impact or crash of a transport aircraft, its parts or its cargo
Flood or deluge
Windstorm or hailstorm
Fluid leaking from a water-supply system limit
Landslide, rock or soil collapse
Landslide or avalanche collapse
The weight of snow or ice
Falling trees, poles or other objects
Collision with a vehicle or its load
Breakage of glass and sanitary equipment due to other causes limit
Aerodynamic Starburst
Overvoltage, short circuit and undervoltage limit
Theft by breaking and entering limit
Robbery limit
Cooling equipment failure limit
Atmospheric precipitation limit
Loss of water limit

Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

Benefits of insurance

Electronic communication

  • we solve everything together via e-mail

Free assistance services

  • Technical assistance for property and buildings up to 3 times a year for a total value of up to 8,000 CZK (e.g. locksmith, plumber, etc.)

One insurance policy

  • In one contract you will insure all your properties, households and the liability of all household members

PLUS a choice of options

  • deductible
  • insurance options
  • increase in benefit limits


We do not accept underinsurance, more information here.


Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

Do you want a discount?

Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

Assistance services

FREE technical assistance for property insurance

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – tel. +420 272 101 010 (Czech language)
  • One assistance for each place of insurance
  • The Standard option is taken out if all property insurance (buildings and other structures insurance, permanently occupied home insurance and holiday home insurance) are taken out under the Standard option.
  • The Maxi option is taken out if at least one of the property insurances (buildings and other buildings insurance, permanent home insurance and holiday home insurance) is taken out in the Maxi option.

Number of times the assistance is used: 3 times a year

An insurance event Insurance benefit limits - STANDARD Insurance benefit limits - MAXI
Emergency - Arrival of a craftsman on site fully covered fully covered
Emergency - Handyman jobs (electrician, plumber, gas fitter, glazier, heating engineer) 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Blocking the door - arrival of the craftsman on site fully covered fully covered
Door locking - unlocking or importing spare keys 2000 CZK 4000 CZK
Short-term alternative accommodation in a hotel-type facility 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Transportation of household members to and from alternative accommodation 4000 CZK 8000 CZK
Protecting insecure households X 4000 CZK
Transportation of furniture to the place of storage and transport back X 4000 CZK
Storage of furniture X 4000 CZK

Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance

How to arrange home insurance?

Household insurance can be arranged at the sales outlets of Pojišt’ovna VZP, a. s., at selected intermediaries or via e-mail.

Stolen skis

I take home insurance as a matter of course because as a family we have a lot of money in our apartment, basement and garage. It worked for us twice. Someone stole my daughter’s bike in college. We didn’t even know that the insurance also covers the situation when things are outside the home. For the second time, someone took our skis from the rack in front of a restaurant in Špičák in Šumava. It ruined our vacation, but in the end we were glad that it was covered by insurance, which allowed my husband to buy new skis.

Helena, 49 years old

Citizens’ Insurance Household Insurance


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