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Fortune favors the prepared

Fortune favors the prepared

Car insurance Driving

Compulsory liability, accident insurance and supplementary insurance in one place

Why make an appointment?

  • If you drive without accidents, you can look forward to a better price.
  • We add a basic range of assistance services free of charge to each insurance policy.
  • We add free accident insurance for the driver to limits above 70 million CZK.
  • Also suitable for owners of older cars.
  • A wide range of supplementary insurances.

Community insurance for unit owners

Owning real estate means not only joy, but also regular care of your property or the property entrusted to me. Part of care is also prevention – worrying about what could happen. And for such cases, there is insurance for SVJ, which will provide you with financial assistance in the event of unexpected events concerning your property in an apartment building. As the president of the community of apartment unit owners, I insist that everyone actively cares for their property. In my view, this is not only about routine maintenance and good neighborly relations, but also about household and real estate insurance. And because I lead by example, our entire community is also insured.

Daniela, 67 years old