Foreigners’ basic medical insurance

Medical insurance for foreingers in the Czech Republic

Foreigners’ Medical Insurance with the best insurance benefit levels and coverage of risks from Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., the market leader
  • Comprehensive insurance for foreigners designed to protect their health by providing a high quality medical and assistance service

  • This insurance complies fully with the valid legislation governing foreigners’ residence in the Czech Republic and is accepted by the Department of Migration and Asylum Policy of the Ministry of the Interior

Insurance policy is concluded
by the crediting of the premium to the insurance company’s bank account

Payment by card or bank transfer
your insurance is arranged in a few minutes

    What does the insurance contain?

  • Coverage of the costs of necessary and urgent treatment and hospitalisation at all healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic to the extent necessary
  • Non-stop assistance services provided by AXA ASSISTANCE, a renowned provider
  • Can be arranged for a period ranging from one day to 36 months
  • Designed to cater to all age categories
  • Benefit limit ranging from CZK 1.8 million to CZK 3 million per insured event
  • Covers the Czech Republic and member states of the Schengen area

What does the insurance cover?

  • Includes the payment of essential examinations required in order to determine the diagnosis and the medical procedure to be taken, essential treatment and hospitalisation, including acute dental care, outpatient medicines and repatriation of the insured to the country of origin, if required
  • Option of arranging supplementary cover for sports competitions, hazardous or extreme sports

How to arrange Foreigners‘ Medical Insurance?

You can arrange Foreigners‘ Medical Insurance online or at Pojišťovna VZP, a. s. and VZP CR sales points.

Do you want a discount?

Discounts apply to:

  • students
  • children of parents who are already insured with our insurance company
  • groups

Frequently asked questions

Answers are below

What should I do when I need to visit a doctor?
Please contact AXA Assistance, our assistance service, and follow their instructions. The assistance service is available non-stop, its staffs is able to communicate with clients in all world languages, it has an up-to-date list of our contractual doctors and healthcare facilities and can, if required, also provide a payment guarantee to a healthcare facility, and so forth. The contact details for the assistance service can be found on the insured person’s ID card.
Is the cost of medicines paid directly to the client under Foreigners‘ Medical Insurance?
A client pays for the medicines he/she purchases in a pharmacy by him/herself and subsequently requests the insurance company to reimburse him/her, but this is only possible if the payment was more than CZK 100.
Does Foreigners‘ Medical Insurance also cover sporting activities?
Depends on the type of insurance arranged and the type of sporting activities. In the case of Foreigners‘ Basic Medical Insurance, there is the option of arranging supplementary insurance for hazardous sports.
What should I do if I find a mistake in the insurance policy?
In this case, please contact the client service department of Pojišťovna VZP, a. s. by telephone on 233 006 311 or by e-mail at .
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