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Common Civil Liability Insurance

Insurance for life without unnecessary worries

Ordinary third party liability insurance protects you if you cause damage to someone’s health, belongings or animals in the normal course of your civic life. You are fully responsible for this damage even if you do not cause it intentionally. In addition, under the Civil Code, you are also fully liable for “accidents” to your children or pets. Be insured against all the risks that are part of everyone’s everyday life.


Electronic communication
Insurance protection up to a limit of CZK 25 million
Discount for VZP insured
Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance

What does public liability insurance cover?

For injuries arising from normal civil activities

  • throughout Europe or the world (e.g. flooding of neighbours)
  • all family members in a joint household
  • for injuries arising from the operation of the household (e.g. flooding of neighbours)
  • destruction of the furnishings of the rented dwelling by fire, explosion, water
  • for damage caused even by recreational sport
  • damage caused by the use of a recreational craft or drone, bicycle, scooter, electric bicycle

For injuries arising out of ownership or possession of property (optional)

  • for damage arising out of ownership of the property
  • for damage resulting from the ownership of other real estate in the Czech Republic owned by the insured (flats, cottages, family houses)
  • for the liability of the insured as the landlord of the property
  • can be arranged free of charge within the same limit as for ordinary public liability insurance

Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance

What will we cover for you?

Damage to a person’s health

  • Pain and suffering, aggravation of social position
  • Mental suffering of loved ones in the case of the death or serious damage to health
  • Subsequent financial damage (loss of earnings, lost profits, treatment costs, etc.)

Damage to movable as well as immovable items

  • Damage to items caused damage, depreciation, destruction, loss
  • Subsequent financial damage (lost profits, liquidation of the insured item, etc.)

Damage to a live animal

  • Death, loss, injury of an animal
  • Subsequent financial damage (e.g. lost profits)

Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance

Benefits of insurance

Electronic communication

  • we solve everything together via e-mail

High insurance protection

  • for the whole family
  • Up to a limit of 25 mil.

PLUS a choice

  • of participation
  • the limit of the insurance benefit

Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance

How to arrange civil liability insurance?

Property and civil liability can be arranged at the sales points of VZP ČR and Pojišťovna VZP, a. s.,  at selected brokers or via email at

Vigilant dog

I love my dog, a female, so much that I could bear her even blue from the sky. She me too. And therein lies the problem. He loves me too much. When someone is too close to me, she is alert. Once at a barbecue, a friend accidentally poked me with her purse. The dog reacted immediately, grabbed the purse and thrashed it from side to side until it was pretty torn. The purse wasn’t cheap, even though I was able to reimburse my friend for it from my insurance.

Matej, 39 years old

Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance


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Citizens’ Insurance Common Civil Liability Insurance


Will liability insurance cover damage I cause to my employer?

Not applicable, the injury to the employer is in the exclusions.
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Will liability insurance cover damage caused by my dog?

Yes, the insurance covers the liability of the insured for damage or non-pecuniary loss caused by activities common in civil life, i.e. also as an owner or caretaker of domestic and small farm animals commonly kept in households in the Czech Republic.
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I have taken out liability insurance, does this cover my family?

Yes, persons in a family relationship are covered to the same extent as the insured if they live permanently in the same household as the insured.
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