Home News The same standard of health insurance for foreigners as for Czech citizens, moreover with a 10% discount

The same standard of health insurance for foreigners as for Czech citizens, moreover with a 10% discount

Thanks to PVZP (Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.), foreigners have access to the same quality of health insurance as Czech citizens!

Since Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., (PVZP) has long strived for affordable quality health insurance for foreigners, it launched the product EXCLUSIVE several years ago, which provides the same scope of health care as for  Czech citizens, i.e. insurance without any exclusions, there is even a discount. By doing so, the insurance company maximizes the availability of health insurance of the highest possible quality to as many foreigners living in the Czech Republic as possible.

 PVZP is constantly striving to ensure that foreigners in the Czech Republic are provided with the maximum possible level of health care, but also that the Czech healthcare system represents a completely comfortable and safe environment for foreigners.

KZPC EXCLUSIVE practically completely replaces public health insurance.  The insured persons can be absolutely sure that they will be provided with the same standard of care as Czech citizens.

Foreigners often want the option EXCLUSIVE, but ultimately in the end they very often choose a cheaper option, which is not (necessarily) a perfect substitute for public health insurance. That is why, we have made this insurance cheaper so that it is more accessible to as many people as possible. I believe that such a concept will generally lead to higher levels of satisfaction on all sides.  I believe that in addition to satisfied and much calmer patients as well as less stressed medical facilities, this measure will help to minimize the administrative burden, speed up the claims settlement process and ultimately, help to cultivate the market for foreigners‘ insurance,“ says Ing. Halina Trsková, the chairman of the Board of PVZP.

Thanks to the fact that KZPC EXCLUSIVE equates to the public health insurance of Czech citizens, it enables easy orientation both for medical facilities and for the insured themselves. Both parties, the patient and the medical facility, can be confident that the care will be fully covered by the insurance company, up to the amount of the agreed indemnity limit.  Both parties are thus relieved of the administrative burden and stress that the insurance company will not pay for medical care  or that the patient will have to pay extra for it. This simple principle leads to an increase in the willingness of medical facilities to accept foreign patients.