Home News Medical advice for free for PVZP clients who have arranged foreigners´ medical insurance

Medical advice for free for PVZP clients who have arranged foreigners´ medical insurance

Pojišťovna VZP, a. s., (PVZP) has launched an online medical advice centre for all clients who have arranged foreigners´ medical insurance. This service is for free, both in Czech and English.

The insurance company now offers the benefits of free advice from more than 350 doctors within the framework of an online medical platform “uLekare.cz” on condition that foreigners´ medical insurance has been arranged.

PVZP clients have the possibility to consult doctors about their physical and mental health. They can ask an unlimited number of questions at any time and from the safety of their homes. Practitioners and specialists from the ranks of general practitioners and paediatricians are available. The general practitioner will answer questions entered via the online counselling centre within 6 hours. If it is necessary to consult a specialist (e.g. neurologist, orthopaedist etc.), the answer is delivered within 48 hours.

“We see the greatest benefit in the cooperation between PVZP and uLekare.cz for our clients, especially in the round the clock availability of this service. Clients can turn to doctors at any time, simply, without any restrictions – on weekends, holidays, in short, regardless of the doctor´s office hours or working day, from the safety of their homes and without the need for a personal visit to the doctor. Not only do we believe that the service will help to improve the health and awareness of our clients, but it will also act as a preventive measure for serious illnesses , especially in cases that may initially seem banal where one would not go to the doctor, “says the vice president of the Board of Directors of PVZP Halina Trsková.

How can the online medical advice service be used?

The service is available free of charge for all PVZP clients who have taken out health insurance for foreigners, in any package. It is necessary to enter the number of the insurance policy and then simply send a question via the website www.pvzp.cz (https://www.pvzp.cz/cs/line-lekarska-poradna/). The doctor will answer the question within 6 hours and within 48 hours in the case of the need for a specialist. The online counselling centre does not replace the rescue and continuous monitoring services in the event of chronic diseases.