Reporting an Insurance Event

Reporting an Insurance Event

Fénix, Serious Illness Insurance

How is a damage event settled?

  1. The insured event is investigated on the basis of the documentation submitted by you. We will inform you of the result. We recommend submitting all the documents you receive during the insured event along with the Damage Event Notification form.

  2. A statutory three-month period for the liquidation of the insured event begins on the date indicated on the Damage Event Notification as the date of receipt of the documentation.

  3. The right to payment of insurance claims is time-barred for no longer than 4 years after the occurrence of the insured event.

Please, prepare the following documents for reporting an insurance event:

Fénix, Serious Illness Insurance
  • Insurance policy No.
  • Identification data of the insured person
  • In case the event had been investigated by the police, the fire brigade or another body, please state the address and the reference number
  • Attach all the documents proving the occurrence of the event, for example an invoice for provided healthcare
  • Bank details

Detailed description:

  • Before contacting us, prepare the mentioned documents.

Report an insurance event

In the event of an insured event, you must report the claim by filling in a form. You can do this easily and in several ways:




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The insured event is the diagnosis of the insured’s oncological disease during the period of insurance. It is not an insured event if the insured has been diagnosed with any malignant tumour at a time prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract.
The waiting period is 90 days (the period during which no benefit can be drawn which would otherwise be an insured event; calculated from the first day of the policy period).


Report an insurance event

Select and download the appropriate document from the list below.