Reporting an Insurance Event

Reporting an Insurance Event

Vehicle Insurance

How is a damage event settled?

  1. If your car develops a fault for any reason and your vehicle is no longer roadworthy, you should contact the assistance service immediately.

  2. Remember to mark the accident site with a warning triangle and wear a reflective vest.

Contact details for the assistance service can be found on the back of the insured person's card

Necessary documents

Vehicle Insurance Jízda
  • Insurance policy No.
  • Identification data of the insured person
  • In case the event had been investigated by the police, the fire brigade or another body, please state the address and the reference number
  • Vehicle registration certificate - part I
  • Vehicle registration certificate - part II
  • Bank details

Detailed description:

  • Before contacting us, please prepare the documents mentioned above.

Vehicle Insurance

You can report your insurance event here

Documents to download

Select and download the appropriate document from the list below.

It is possible to report an insurance event through the following ways:




+420 226 294 294
(option no. 2)


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