Events for foreign students in the Czech Republic: Medical expenses in the Schengen area free of charge when they arrange Foreigners´ Comprehensive Medical Insurance EXCLUSIVE


Students who arrange Foreigners´ Comprehensive Medical Insurance EXCLUSIVE will have free medical expenses insurance in the Schengen area starting on 18. February 2022.

 How much will a student save if he/she uses this offer?

Until now, if a student travelled with KZPCE abroad within the Schengen area, it was necessary to arrange additional insurance for 100 CZK per month. Only then were the medical expenses covered. For KZPCE insurance policies that will be arranged from 18. February 2022, this supplementary insurance will still need to be arranged, but it will be free of charge. Students will save up to 1.200 CZK. This special offer does not apply to policies arranged before the beginning of this promotion and it is valid until further notice.

Details on the coverage of free medical expenses for students with KZPCE in the Schengen area 

  • It works as travel insurance for acute and urgent medical care
  • It does not distinguish the type of stay – it applies to both tourist and business trips
  • It applies to recreational trips and stays during recreational sports and activities
  • It does not apply to uninsurable and extreme sports
  • the insurance is effective only in the Schengen area, with the exception of the Czech republic territory