The same scope of foreigners´ medical insurance as for Czech citizens now with an 8% discount

Prague 2.11. 2022 – The insurance company maximises the availability of health insurance of the highest possible quality to as many foreigners living in the Czech Republic as possible. For this reason, it introduced the EXCLUSIVE product to the market several years ago, which provides the same scope of health care as a Czech citizen, i.e. insurance without any exclusions, now with a price discount of 8%.

Thanks to the fact that KZPC EXCLUSIVE equals public health insurance for Czech citizens, it allows easy orientation for both medical facilities and the insured persons themselves. Both parties, the patient and the medical facility, can rely on the fact that the care will be fully covered by the insurance company, up to the agreed insurance indemnity limit. Both parties are thus relieved of the administrative burden and worrying about the insurance company not paying for medical care. This simple principle leads to an increase in the willingness of medical facilities to accept foreign patients.

“We have long appealed for foreigners to always carefully consider the risks when arranging an insurance policy, not to underestimate the amount of the limit and to provide the insurance company with truthful information. This is doubly true for health. Sometimes clients come to the Czech Republic already ill, they provide false information about their health condition in the health questionnaire, because they may be afraid of high premium. Thus, they do not arrange a suitable insurance policy which leads to many problems. Treatment can be very expensive, for example, the treatment of oncological diseases can quickly climb up to the amount of around CZK 5,000,000. For this reason, we now offer the option EXCLUSIVE at a discounted price. This insurance practically fully replaces public health insurance. Insured persons can be absolutely sure that they will be provided with care in the same standard as a Czech citizen is used to.” Halina Trsková, Vice-Chairwoman of Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.

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