Declaration of Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. regarding foreigners´ medical insurance in connection with the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic in the Czech Republic

21.04. 2021 (it replaces the declaration from 16. March 2020)

Regarding the current epidemiological situation, the insurance company Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., (hereinafter referred to as “PVZP”) hereby issues a statement for clients of PVZP – the foreigners, who have taken out foreigners´ medical insurance.

We would like to assure the clients who have taken out any foreigner´s medical insurance product (both comprehensive and basic) that, under all of the above-mentioned foreigners´ medical insurance products, PVZP will cover acute healthcare provided to you in connection with the corona virus, including hospitalisation.

We will also cover PCR tests for covid-19 on the recommendation of a doctor or the hygienic station. Regarding non-acute healthcare in connection with this illness, it can be covered from foreigners´ comprehensive medical insurance, within the scope of insurance conditions.

Antigen testing (that was declared as free only for those insured in the public medical system) is not possible to cover by foreigners´ commercial insurance. However, clients can submit these tests as self-payers. In case clients have a valid insurance policy for comprehensive medical insurance with a stated limit for “Premium”, it is possible to request a refund for antigen testing up to the stated limit.

We are also monitoring the situation concerning the possibility for vaccination. For the moment, it is possible to register into the system only for those insured by public medical insurance. As soon as the registration is possible for our clients, PVZP will be ready to respond to this fact.

Foreigners´ medical insurance is suitable also for Czech citizens that work on a long-term basis abroad and are compelled to come back to the Czech Republic in connection with corona virus and are not insured by public medical system.

We believe that the current situation will get better and that we will go through this together!